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Heroin Addiction Signs To Watch Out For

Heroin addiction is a very serious problem that has been facing the world for several decades now. Estimates in the US alone are that nearly 600,000 people need treatment for heroin addiction. Children as young as 11 to 13 year of age become addicted to heroin either because of their parents use or by simply being near the presence of the drug. After a prolonged period of time, people addicted to heroin can suffer a malady of health issues including collapsed veins, infection of the lining around the heart and valves, and heart disease. In fact, heroin addiction is the number 4 cause of death among people in the 29 to 45 year old age bracket.


Heroin is a Schedule 1 drug and is derived from morphine. Heroin is also classified as a "downer", or a depressant type drug, that causes the person to feel a sense of euphoria with no pain. Because it is a derivative of morphine, which is from opium, heroin is highly addictive. 


Heroin can be used in a wide variety of ways. While it is most commonly perceived as an injection, you can use heroin by smoking it with a water pipe or by mixing it in a marijuana joint or cigarette. The most common sign of a heroin addict is usually shown, especially in television and movie dramas, as needle holes "tracks" and red, puffy veins around the injection area. However, that isn't always going to work if the individual is using heroin by any of the other methods.

While the user is under the influence of heroin they will talk about a feeling of euphoria and they will have a warm feel to their skin. They may complain of having a dry mouth and heavy arms and legs. If the person is usually very aware and astute, you might ask questions if they are mentally impaired and sluggish in comprehension and awareness. Their speech will be slurred and their mannerisms will be severely slowed. During the time of using the person's eyes will also be drooped with constricted pupils. 


There are times when the person might not immediate access to heroin so the above signs won't be a big factor in helping to determine if they are using, or even addicted. However, there are some things that you can look for.

1. You can try to see if you can find any needle marks, puffy veins, or scabs on the inside of the arm, thigh, stomach, buttocks, and even toes.

2. The fingers, if they are into rolling it or loading the heroin in a pipe, will be stained a black or dark brown color.

3. The person may have extreme shifts in emotional states such as happy one minute while depressed in another instant.

4. If the person is snorting or smoking through a water pipe they will begin to develop a chronic runny nose.

5. The person will begin to be very lazy and apathetic while withdrawing to themselves. 


One of the ways the people can treat heroin addiction is to know what the signs of abuse looks like before the addictions becomes too severe. If you do begin to see some of these symptoms, or signs, develop talk with the person and try to get them some treatment.

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